Vibha Galhotra
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb

To me it seems we all are living in surreal times of some utopian, dystopian ideological episodes, which looks real or should say we think that, they are real. The Proposed work above focuses on the making of a surreal situation and engages specifically with issues affecting the relation between nature, culture and social structure, embodied within the contexts of natural fabric, desires and expectations. The symbolic construction of an organic beehive which is now manmade here in this work, is a try to shout or mirror the reality of the times, that how we all are changing the natural sustainability for full filling our voracious needs … The work picks up its thread on a research of the process of pollination, which is going to change its natural behavior soon all over the world.. or should say has already changed .

Rudolf Steiner predicted the dire state of the honeybee today in 1923. He said that, “within fifty to eighty years, we would see the consequences of mechanizing the forces that had previously operated organically in the beehive.”

The persistent disease in the bee colonies CCD(colony collapse disorder) came as a threat to the world. But human is the sharpest /smartest species on this earth who can make use of any situation and can make a natural disaster also as a money making formula, so the new way to pollinate is by the human… Believe it or not but it is true. 

I found it very surreal and hilarious act of human and believe that the way we are not bothered about the natural sustainability, the time is soon that we will have to bear the consequences or rather should say we have already started.. Physicality of the work – Some people do not act as they are ignorant of the reality or they pretend. The work aims to repeat and enlarge that pretend, in very static, quite but bold and gold appearance … The construction of the work will be as a social sculpture at different level of involvement, as the size of the work depicts that it will be almost a size of 2-‐floor building to hive people inside.

It will behave like a busy beehive where there is a constant busyness of sound, video of the dialogue conducted by me (Vibha Galhotra) at the agriculture university for pollination, the process of pollination, bee farming and the business on the bee farming and the new age of pollinators and the effect on the seeds and the crops, and the a length dialogue with the farmers about the same. The project will focus at many different levels – research documentation, dialogues, construction and aesthetics. Further, I would like the idea to evolve itself from this stage to another level. 

We all deal with some very simple but complex questions every day, Where do we come from? What are we? And where are we going? I also try and figure out these questions, Borders, orders, power, money Between black, white and brown… At every point feel only and lonely And Say to myself.. Nothing remains….