Vibha Galhotra
Green or Grey | Paint (You wish the colour of the planet) 
An Interactive/Public participatory Art project initiated by Vibha Galhotra curated by Pietro Gaglianò.
Casa Masaccio | Casa Giovanni Mannozzi | Palazzo Panciatichi San Giovanni Valdarno 

This project PAINT (YOU WISH THE COLOUR OF PLANET) comes across as a subconscious observation and exercise to mirror the time situation symbolically by creating a situation in playful manner - NATURE vs MANMADE (concrete). The creation of concrete over the green and griculture land is a problem of many so-called developing countries. They are creating concrete jungle in greed of short-term gains ithout giving any thoughts to the living environment and the food crisis, so the inflation happening in the food market exponentially. Analysts also predict or should say worries that the world can go under war for food and water in next few years if we continue this unplanned growth. So I see it as our personal responsibility from here on, not to support such a consumerism for small capital gains rather think of supporting the environment for the human survival. Observation, exercise through a fun, playful and painterly manner.