Vibha Galhotra
The Neo MonsterĀ 

Observation of the surrounding which are fastly changing but looks very isolated when been ignored.The project started developing long back when suddenly,these alienatic beings started increasing in numbers as, they are some kind of big animals or monsters. But the way cities have started using them or adopting them, seems like, a child playing with toy.It was also an attraction towards the form which fascinated me, to work on it. I took this form not to condemn the machine but as a metaphor to mirror the situation, where we are using them like toys without planning for our Ecology.The form itself is very engaging to attract the attention of the viewer to convey my thoughts.
The reason to bring it in public was to gather more and more viewers to think and observe their surrounding for themselves as well as for the next generation .
The project is planned to travel at different places and will be documented at every step I am not an activist, but an visual artist so for me its very important to engage my viewers with the form and aesthetic of my creation . Which I think this huge object did .