Vibha Galhotra

Black Cloud Project ongoing
The Black Cloud is a project that aims to create an awareness around air pollution by effectively creating a black cloud by flying black paper kites with the active participation of people so that one gets a sense of what it would be like to constantly live under one.

The Proposed work above focuses on the making of a surreal situation and engages specifically with issues affecting the relation between nature, culture and social structure, embodied within the contexts of natural fabric, desires and expectations. 

Meri Kahani Aankhon ki Jubaani  
A social project with a community of sex workers to understand the behaviours through visuals in collaboration with Apne Aap (Apne Aap Women Worldwide, India) )

Where do we come from ? What are we ? Where are we going ?
A Cook Book project studying the past and previous food practices in one of the village in India

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu
The blindfolded walk, under the guidance of the natives, through the different sites of Kathmandu, is the artist’s effort to understand and experience the times, the structures, and the identity of the place.

The Neo Monster  ongoing
Observation of the surrounding which are fastly changing but looks very isolated when been ignored.The project started developing long back when suddenly,these alienatic beings started increasing in numbers as, they are some kind of big animals or monsters. But the way cities have started using them or adopting them, seems like, a child playing with toy.It was also an attraction towards the form which fascinated me, to work on it . 

Rebirth Day: 
An interactive art project  continued  by Vibha Galhotra and the people of san Giovanni Inspired by and based on: Michelangelo Pistoletto’s "The Third Paradise"
San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

To observe the inclination of people towards the color Green or Grey as a significance of nature and concrete.