Vibha Galhotra
Rebirth Day: 
An interactive art project  continued  by Vibha Galhotra and the people of san Giovanni Inspired by and based on: Michelangelo Pistoletto’s "The Third Paradise"
San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

Humanity has gone through two paradises. The first, in which it integrated fully with nature; the second, in which it expanded into an artificial world of its own, which grew until it came into conflict with the natural world. It is time to begin the third stage, in which humanity will reconcile and unite nature and artifice, creating a new balance at every level and in every area of society: The Third Paradise. 
The gestational process of Rebirth- Day, the first worldwide day of rebirth, has begun. We can all participate, with personal or group initiatives featuring proposals, actions and activities consistent with the process of responsible social change set forth in the Third Paradise.
 Vibha thinks that there is a constant construction -deconstruction and reconstruction of the old thoughts societies countries and now of the earth, she has a believe or in her utopian thinking, want to create one world, as an artist she felt that she should be continuing this project in her way with the people of San Giovanni to create a voice for one world

WHAT TO DO? Do something for everyone. Do something for the world. Do something for those who are close to you. Do something with those close to you. Do something with those close to you for others who are close to others. Give rebirth to the world with those close to you.

Rebirth-day is the worldwide day of volunteering.Do something free for all. Do something free for the world. Do something free with those close to you. Do something free with those close to you for others who are close to others. Help the world be reborn free.The great voluntary artwork of Rebirth-day is your and my rebirth in the world. Give me your trust, I give you mine. This is our work. In the mirror we are together. All are with us in the mirror. Now let us leave the mirror to change the world. Michelangelo Pistoletto