Vibha Galhotra

ghungroos, fabric, wood and steel / 2 x 117 in / 2017

The work ACCELERATION, is based on Professor Will Steffen’s climate change graph “The Great Acceleration”, which shows the changes in Earth’s ecosystem and atmosphere owing to changing economic patterns of production and consumption, the latter especially gaining momentum post the 1950s.
Ghungroos, which have been a trademark of Galhotra’s practice, provide fluidity, and therefore tactfully employed by her to deconstruct the anthropogenic trends and reconstruct Steffen’s graph. The metallic sheen of this graphical representation is ambiguous, since while the shiny surface draws the viewer close, bringing him faceto-face with Anthropogenic realities, yet the aesthetic appeal is almost evasive of the very dire realities the work represents, in the process, presenting a satire of sorts concerning our attitude towards our environment.