Vibha Galhotra

Altering Boon
Glass beads, wire and wood, 136 x 36 in, 2011 

Galhotra's works are deeply inspired from her social existence and concern towards the fast growing urban development and depleting living environment. 'Altering Boon' reflects the Utopia of Pangaea. The hope of one continent, a world beyond constrains of borders and differences, all harmonising like the shadows of ‘ Altering Boon’. Veeranganakumari Solanki As the title suggests clearly that i am talking about the blessings (boon) we are been blessed with and keep on altering these according to our wishes,greeds and powers. We are provided with a beautiful, resourceful environment to rest upon and enjoy each n every moment on it. But hunger of power and money makes us alter our given resources all the time.