Vibha Galhotra

variable,Brass Ghungroos, Fabric Cotton & Metal, 2008

Best Discovery 2008,Shcontemporary, Shangahi Art Fair China 2008 Bronze a group show with metal sculptures by Gallery Espace, New Delhi,2006:

The Beehive is a work created with ghungroos (trinkets which is been used in Indian dance to make a musical sound with the steps of the dancer). As one looks at the Beehive one sees it in all the visual beauty as it exists in nature. Yet there is no sound or movement. We encounter three sets of opposites, the beautiful beehive, which is now dead and decorative, the new urban beehives that symbolize a different kind of decay and the collection of silent trinkets. This experienced discomfort confronts the viewer as she looks at the work. Slowly an irritation seeps in as the viewer gazes...the un natural silence and the artist made beauty captures the discomfort of contemporary urbanization.