Vibha Galhotra

video in loop / 2016

The work CLEANSING is an amalgamation of the concerns associated with the elements Air and Earth. Environmental pollution due to mining and quarrying activities coupled with the rise in road traffic and congestion is leading to escalating dust levels.

The latter is causing dust deposition on plants and vegetation in turn adversely affecting internal plant processes like photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, and absorption of phytotoxic gaseous pollutants.

In this rapidly changing world, we, humans, considering ourselves to be adaptable creatures barely acknowledge the modern-day pollution levels and passively accept it to be the new reality of the world we inhabit.

To retract this passive attitude, three performers will be appointed to clean each leaf of a plant carefully (as in the practice of Zen), without engaging with the viewers, solely focusing on the connection between them and the plant. In this age of Anthropocene, the work is a commentary on the choking breath of plants, ironically the latter being the life saviors of our own breath.

Stills from the Video

Gloves and cloth used to clean.