Vibha Galhotra

Neo Camouflage, 
Digital print on fabric & vinyl, mannequins, shoes and belts, Variable (site specific), 2008

Neo-Camouflage is one of the key works by Indian artist Vibha Galhotra. The artwork confronts its viewer with pertinent urban issues such as destructiveness, overcrowding, pollution and psychological distress. It depicts how the artificial environment has become an almost uncontrollable phenomenon, overflowing and intruding public and personal spaces. Neo-Camouflage maps out a representation of this intrusion of the urban landscape and suggests that man is easily lost within his own environment of today. Galhotra also imagines the need to reinvent and borrow the idea of the military fatigue (camouflage uniform) for civilian use as if it is needed to blend in and battle with our concrete-laden surroundings. Galhotra’s art has been described to expound the ‘brutal force of urbanisation’. This discussion on urbanisation and its effects is a subject often conjured by artists from Asia and Southeast Asia, particularly those surrounded by third world conditions